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A Day At Work. The view from my desk looking out at the field. (Excuse the big bird poo on the window!)

Turn Down

Well, through gritted teeth, I’ve declined the opportunity to compete in my next competition. The reason being die to their not being any dress code. This means that dancers can wear whatever they want, which ultimately means the competition turns from a dancing talent competition, to a “how expensive is her dress and make up” competition. Me and my partner both agreed that without a dress code, it detracts from the actual dancing somewhat.

That said, if I wasn’t going to be buying a house at some point next year, I would have actually been up for it. I think despite it all being glitz and glam, it would still be an opportunity to get on the dance floor and see how I compare with others. Not too sure of my partner would be up for it though…

Strictly Starting

The Strictly Come Dancing Run has started! Oddly out of the 4 of us in the house, it’s just the 2 guys who are watching it. :)

Another Successful Facebook Stalk

Someone messaged me on the dating site, but I wasn’t too sure about them, so I had a quick find on facebook for them. Got them in pretty quick time, and they seem ok! :) Bonus points to her, as her profile picture was taken at my favourite place to eat! :p

Dear Car,

If you could please stop costing me money to repair you, that would be super. Your MOT has just cost me upwards of £300, and my deposit for my house is now going to take a bit of a hit because of it. :(



Just found out that the chap I was meeting with when I went to South America in April, has passed away after losing a fight with Leukemia. :O I knew that he’d had to go back into hospital a month or so ago, but I didn’t realise it had gotten to that point. He was a really good guy, who couldn’t have done any more for me while I was out there. 

My prayers go to him tonight, and have opened my eyes to how sometimes things that we think we are safe from, can still eat at us. :(

Drinks And Catching Up

Had my old Dance Partner over for dinner and a catch up tonight. It’s been so long since we caught up together, it was so lovely to get each others news! Well.. Mostly me to get her news, as I rarely speak when we get together, but that’s how I prefer it. She’s on some weird medication that’s making her housebound and unable to drive, so I think all she wanted to do was talk to someone. That’s how our friendship goes though, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She talks, I listen. It’s always good to have someone who listens to you. :)